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By: Graziela Grise and Isabel Butcher Illustrations: Taline Schubach

For children ages 5 and up

Duration: 15-20 minutes

From 1 to 5 players

In Macacos me mordam!, curious children will need agility and a strong grip to help their little monkey hang from the canopy and increase the height of the tree! The player who manages to get 8 bananas first is the winner of the round! The game stimulates the fine motor skills and attention, as well as basic notions of quantification. Apart from the classic rules, the game also includes an option of cooperative rules.

Nossos Jogos

By: Graziela Grise and Tânia Zaverucha do Valle Illustrations: Vanessa Prezoto

For children ages 3 and up

Duration: 15-20 minutes

From 2 to 4 players

In Quero-Quero, curious children have
to collect cards with images of endangered
Brazilian animals. In order to do so, they must establish relationships between the color, the animal, and the amount of animals in the cards.
The player who scores the most points is the winner of the round! The game has cards with goals that can be used to add new rules and increase the complexity of the game, as the child grows up. Quero-quero won the Ludopedia award for best children’s game designed in Brazil in 2019.
Quem somos

About Us

How the company was founded

Curió Jogos was born out of the dissatisfaction of two mothers who were struggling to find fun games with quality.

We thought it was impossible that, in the Brazilian market, there weren’t children’s games both interesting and sturdy enough to survive a spirited child. Overall, we create games to provide children and adults with moments of bonding and joy. We dream of creating games that are so fun and durable that they may be passed on to the next generations.


The partners

Graziela Grise

Graziela has always been fond of games, puzzles and logical challenges, but it was during the time she was living in Germany, while doing a PhD in Physics, that modern board games became an important part of her life. She founded Curió Jogos in 2016 and created the game Macacos Me Mordam! in 2018, both in partnership with her friend Isabel Butcher. She shares her love of board games with her husband and two sons, Gabriel and Noah, never putting aside her other great passion: the practice of Yoga.


Isabel Butcher

Journalist, mother of twin girls Alice and Zoé, habitual game player since the age of 7, when she learned how to play Canasta with her family, Isabel, or simply Bel, is a game lover, especially board games. She lived in France from 2007 to 2010, and, during this time, she got two Master’s degrees: the first one on video games and digital art, and the second one on board games. In 2016, she founded Curió Jogos with her friend Graziela Grise. Isabel is the co-creator of Macacos Me Mordam! (2018) and Quero-Quero (2019), the two games of the publishing house.

Mission and values

We want to make quality games that spark the interest of children and adults, that may bring the family together around a table, and provide moments of fun.

Where to Buy

Physical Stores


Belo Horizonte

Funtasy Bar and Games

Rua Tomé de Souza - 1145

Belo Horizonte - MG

Tel: (31) 9491-7582  

Instagram: @ funtasybarejogos /

Facebook: / funtasybarejogos /


Rio de Janeiro

Red Games

Av. Treze de Maio, 23 - Centro

Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tel: (21) 3174-2222

Instagram: @ lojaredjogos /  

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Dragon´s House Hobby Store

Rua Conselheiro Mafra, 246 - Sobreloja - center

Florianópolis - SC

Tel: (48) 3222-9793

Instagram: @ dragons_house1994

Facebook: / dragonshousehobbystore



Over Run Cards e Games

Av. Cristóvão Colombo, 1553

Araraquara – SP

Tel: (16) 3357-4474

Mogi das Cruzes

Fácil Shopping

Rua Ipiranga, 957 sala 1 – Jardim Santista 

Mogi das Cruzes – SP 

Tel: (11) 3883-0115

Instagram: @facilshopping

Facebook: /facilshopping 

São Caetano do Sul

Place Games

Rua Martim Francisco, 137/141 

São Caetano do Sul  – SP

Tel: (11) 2311-2231

Instagram: @lojaplacegames/ 

Facebook: /lojaplacegames 

São Paulo

Bersekr Jogos

Rua Coronel Frias, 304 – Vila Monumento

Sao Paulo – SP

(11) 2215-6387

Facebook: /berserkrjogos-541570749640769  

Joga Sampa

Alameda dos Anapurus, 1664 – Moema

São Paulo – SP

Tel: (11) 5096-6548

Instagram: @jogasampa

Facebook: /jogasampa 

New Station

Rua Rio Grande, 48 – Vl.Mariana 

São Paulo – SP 

Tel: (11) 5539-0127

Facebook: /newstationsaopaulo/ 

Play Easy

Rua Pedro Taques, 147-15 – Consolação

São Paulo – SP

Tel: (11) 2594-9933

Instagram: @playeasyjogos

Facebook: /PlayEasyJogos 



Virtual Stores


São Paulo


Tel: (11) 993891045 

Instagram: @caobuleiro/ 

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Homo Ludicos

Tel: (86) 99932-3374 

Instagram: @homoludicus/ 

Facebook: /hludicusjogos 

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